Se.C.O.Li (Servizi consolari on line)

The project aimed at filling in the gap between web-oriented, G2C services (such as the Se.C.O.Li platform) and the Ministry’s private infrastructure for consular assistance (SIFC).

eIGOR (eInvoicing GO Regional)

A national project, funded by the European Commission, to enable the Italian electronic invoicing system to exchange invoices in compliance with the European standard.

EeISI (European eInvoicing Standard in Italy)

The action consolidates the Italian Core Invoice Usage Specifications (CIUS) of the EN and assesses the possible alignment of the national CIUS to the PEPPOL BIS Invoice v3 (PEPPOL CIUS) in order to provide a complete interoperability.




A small Python utility for synchronizing a local folder with a remote web repository.


A basic Linux library to stamp files based on the blockchain.


A parser for reverse Polish notation, in various languages.


An experiment in extending the command-line interface.