Eutopian - Osservatorio europeo sull'innovazione democratica

Eutopian è un osservatorio indipendente, inclusivo ed aperto sull’innovazione democratica, intesa sia come innovazione all’interno di un contesto democratico sia come innovazione della democrazia, riconoscendo che i due aspetti sono tra loro inscindibili, e sono fondativi per un modello di società digitale in cui l’uomo conservi la sua centralità; e sulla rivoluzione digitale nei suoi vari aspetti: tecnologico, scientifico, economico, giuridico, sociale, culturale, politico.

AIIC - Associazione Italiana esperti in Infrastrutture Critiche

AIIC is the Italian Society of experts in Critical Infrastructures ( AIIC supports an interdisciplinary and inter-sectorial culture for the development of strategies, methodologies and technologies supporting a correct management of Critical Infrastructure, during periods of crisis, in case of exceptional events and during terroristic attacks or natural disasters.

EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum

The European Union Blockchain Observatory and Forum aims to accelerate blockchain innovation and the development of the blockchain ecosystem within the EU, and so help cement Europe’s position as a global leader in this transformative new technology.


IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization for the advancement of technology.

Multi-stakeholder Expert Group on eProcurement

The Multi-Stakeholder Expert Group on eProcurement (EXEP) is based on the Commission communication on ‘End-to-end e-procurement to modernise public administration’. The group’s work focuses on the core issues necessary for a successful transition to e-procurement.


Copernicani is an independent association of students, workers, entrepreneurs, professors, researchers and politicians who have decided to turn their ideas into actions, to stimulate a culture of innovation and goad the parties transversally. We want to propose concrete and feasible policies to improve the prospects of our country, aware of the complexity and difficulties of the context.

Italian Association for Machine Learning

Machine learning is a key technology that powers most of today’s advancements in artificial intelligence and data science. Our aim as the Italian Association for Machine Learning (IAML) is to foster the development of ML in all sectors of the public life, by organizing, promoting, and sponsoring technical conferences, events, Meetups, and other initiatives throughout Italy (learn more in the opening statement from our blog).

Legal Hackers Roma

Legal Hackers is a global movement of lawyers, policymakers, designers, technologists, and academics who explore and develop creative solutions to some of the most pressing issues at the intersection of law and technology. Through local meetups, hackathons, and workshops, Legal Hackers spot issues and opportunities where technology can improve and inform the practice of law and where law, legal practice, and policy can adapt to rapidly changing technology.