Václav Havel today

Václav Havel was not only a hero of democracy, the prime mover behind the Velvet Revolution and the true father of the Czech Republic.

He was at the same time one of the most influential world-class intellectuals of the last century and a quintessential Czech. His wonderful mocking of all the bureaucracy jargons, newspeaks and governmental gibberishes of world stands unmatched to this day.

As a writer, as an opinion-leader as well as a politician, he anticipated many of the most pressing issues of our age: anti-consumerism, humanitarianism, environmentalism, civil activism, and direct democracy.

He was, as the European Parliament aptly put it, an advocate of an undivided Europe.

He would have turned 84 today. Všechno nejlepší, pane Prezidente.

First published on Eventual Consistency