ESPD (ESPD Interoperability and Diffusion)

ESPD Interoperability and Diffusion (action No. 2016-IT-IA-0038) is the project funded by the European Commission for the implementation of the Single European Competition Document (DGUE) in electronic format in the national ecosystem of electronic public procurement (e- procurement).

AgID coordinates a grouping of Italian public institutions, ANAC, Consip, Intercent-ER, Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti, Unioncamere, which was awarded with the CEF Telecom call - eProcurement (CEF-TC-2016-1) the realization of the project.

The electronic DGUE consists of a self-declaration model, developed on the basis of a European standard, with which the economic operator self-certifies the possession of the requirements for participation in tenders. The adoption of the electronic DGUE aims to reduce the documentary and economic burden on the subjects participating in the tender procedures, and to simplify the verification procedures by the contracting authorities.

The expected results of the action are:

  • updating of the SIMOG service managed by ANAC to allow contracting authorities to produce a DGUE that conforms to the data model defined by the European Commission;
  • updating of Consip and Intercent-ER e-procurement platforms, introducing new functionalities to manage the electronic DGUE exchange;
  • implementation of a free service to support Italian economic operators for the compilation of the DGUE;
  • definition of the Guidelines for the use of electronic DGUE within the national regulatory framework.

To ensure interoperability at European level, the consortium will test the implementation of the electronic DGUE towards solutions developed by other consortia (ESPDInt). Furthermore, the project will ensure full compliance with EU directives on public procurement (2014/25 / EU and 2014/24 / EU).

The procurement documents shall contain information on the specific electronic format of the DGUE, the address of the website where the service is available for compiling the DGUE and the modalities with which it is to be transmitted by the economic operator to the contracting authority.

The solution foresees the evolution of the e-procurement systems and platforms involved on the basis of the model that can be downloaded in the relevant section concerning the attached documentation.

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