Eutopian - Osservatorio europeo sull'innovazione democratica

Eutopian is an independent, inclusive and open observatory on democratic innovation, both as innovation within a democratic context and as innovation of democracy, recognizing that the two aspects are inseparable from each other, and are fundamental for a digital society model in which humans retain their centrality; and on the digital revolution in its various aspects: technological, scientific, economic, legal, social, cultural, political.


Copernicani is an independent association of students, workers, entrepreneurs, professors, researchers and politicians who have decided to turn their ideas into actions, to stimulate a culture of innovation and goad the parties transversally. We want to propose concrete and feasible policies to improve the prospects of our country, aware of the complexity and difficulties of the context.

Italian Association for Machine Learning

Machine learning is a key technology that powers most of today’s advancements in artificial intelligence and data science. Our aim as the Italian Association for Machine Learning (IAML) is to foster the development of ML in all sectors of the public life, by organizing, promoting, and sponsoring technical conferences, events, Meetups, and other initiatives throughout Italy.