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Roberto Reale

I am an e-government consultant at AgID; and a freelance journalist, about digital politics and culture. Currently in Rome, Italy.

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Me in a Nutshell

I sport a mixed background, in humanities, mathematics, economics, and information technology. Since the late ‘90s I have grown more and more interested in open community models and open source projects: eager to “get my hands dirty”, I contributed to the GNU Find Utilities and the Hurd OS project, by the Free Software Foundation.

On a professional side, I have served as a software developer, system and database administrator, data architect, and project manager; today I strive to help businesses and public agencies to overcome fear of digital transformation. I am an e-government consultant at AgID; and I write about digital politics and culture.

As the proud founder of Viduo, a think tank focused on the digital citizenship, I believe in technology as an enabler for democracy.

I am also a member of the Italian Association for Machine Learning and the Roman chapter of Legal Hackers.

Currently I live in Rome, Italy.